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2 July 1986
Hamburg, Germany
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a walk to remember, addison, addison/alex, alec, alex karev, alex/izzie, angela/hodgins, anne hathaway, bend it like beckham, bones, books, booth/brennan, brian kinney, brian/justin, bright abbott, bright/hannah, bring it on, brokeback mountain, cameron, cats, celebrities, chad michael murray, charlie eppes, charlie/amita, charlie/claire, charmed, chase, chase/cameron, chris evans, chris halliwell, chris pratt, claire bennet, claire/zach, csi:ny, danny messer, danny/lindsay, dark angel, dean winchester, dean/sam, derek shepherd, duncan kane, eliza dushku, emilie de ravin, everwood, fools rush in, gale harold, gilmore girls, grey's anatomy, hal sparks, heartbreakers, heroes, high school musical, hiro nakamura, holly marie combs, house md, house/cameron, ian somerhalder, icon challenges, icons, izzie stevens, jack/kate, jake gyllenhaal, jennifer love hewitt, jennifer morrison, jensen ackles, jess mariano, jess/rory, jesse spencer, jessica alba, justin chambers, justin taylor, katherine heigl, kristen bell, latter days, literati, logan cale, lost, luke/lorelai, maggie grace, max guevara, max/liz, max/logan, michael novotny, michael scofield, michael weatherly, michael/ben, michael/maria, michael/sara, milo ventimiglia, mischa barton, moritz bleibtreu, movies, music, numb3rs, paige matthews, patrick dempsey, peter petrelli, phoebe/cole, piper/leo, princess diaries, prison break, queer as folk, randy harrison, reese witherspoon, rory/jess, roswell, ryan/marissa, series, seth/summer, shannon/boone, smallville, supernatural, teddy dunn, the 4400, the notebook, the oc, tru calling, tru/nick, tv, veronica mars, veronica/duncan, veronica/wallace, veronica/weevil, wallace fennel, weevil navarro, wentworth miller, zack addy

Queer as Folk, Supernatural, Grey's Anatomy, Bones, Dark Angel, Veronica Mars, Charmed, House M.D., CSI:NY, Heroes, Prison Break, Tru Calling, Gilmore Girls, Numb3rs, The 0C, Everwood, The 4400, Roswell, NCIS, Lost, Smallville
Brian/Justin, Rory/Jess, Alex/Izzie, Booth/Brennan, Michael/Sara, Danny/Lindsay, Piper/Leo, Jack/Kate, Max/Logan, Luke/Lorelai, Bright/Hannah, Shannon/Boone, Phoebe/Cole, Charlie/Claire, Max/Liz, Ryan/Marissa, Angela/Hodgins
Jessica Alba, Jake Gyllenhaal, Wentworth Miller, Jensen Ackles, Kristen Bell, Milo Ventimiglia, Justin Chambers, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jesse Spencer, Gale Harold, Katherine Heigl, Chad Michael Murray, Anne Hathaway, Michael Weatherly, Mischa Barton, Holly Marie Combs, Reese Witherspoon
Eragon, A Walk To Remember, Brokeback Mountain, High School Musical, Latter Days, Heartbreakers, 10 Things I Hate About You, Bring It On, The Notebook, The Princess Diaries, Bend It Like Beckham
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